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    Hello All, this is my virgin Post here. (great site )

    Requests help with setting auto more on sent items on a users BB.

    The story so far...

    I have just swapped a BB 8700 for a user and now he says that auto more is not working, when he views sent items. (These are sent items from outlook, Synced on the BB and that he then files on the train home) User needs to click on more to view more of his sent items. Auto more works for general in box email.

    1.O2 support said that I need to delete Desktop [CMIME] and re-send it from our BES. Did that and it did not work.

    2. Called O2 again and they recommend updating the OS, di that and still no resolution. Auto more functionality does not work for sent items.

    3. Called o2 again and there was a confirmation that there is no auto more functionality or option, to have sent item displaying all header and body text, like you would have with inbox email.

    User is convinced that he was able to view header and body text for sent items on his previous Blackberry. (and he is a demanding partner )

    I'm not convinced with o2's final response (3.) as they offered 2 alternatives before closing down other options. Perhaps I had inexperienced support staff with earlier calls?

    Is this just how blackberries work. Is it not possible to view both header and body text, for sent items with out selecting the more option !

    To RIM:
    "I think we need a fix here..."

    (This seems to be true for 8700 and 8800 models)
    02-13-08 05:36 AM
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    don't know of any setting for this as is usually done automatically, sometimes takes a moment
    02-15-08 02:24 PM
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    I have looked high and low and there does not seem to be documentation on viewing sent items, even when auto more is enabled. BB documentation is not exactly complete. It is good enough, but when you dig deep it gets annoying.

    pity as users like to file email in the evenings on the train home, and get annoyed with clicking more for each sent item.
    02-15-08 06:52 PM