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    I do not know how to get the word out, or if someone already did for me regarding my experience, but this is important to have out there so that others may not go through the horror i went through with my Tours and Bolds.

    I suddenly discovered that I was not able to playback videos I had recorded from my video camera on the phone. Techs had me wipe and reset the phone, had me go through 4 phones, and no one knew what the problem was, not even black berry. It all turned out to be a simple matter of not selecting the setting under security options, in the Encryption choices, Media Card Encrypt "Include Media Files". If you just leave it as NO, you will have no trouble recording and then playing back your videos.

    Please get this word out, or be so kind as to tell me how.

    Thank You!

    Percie (Charlie)
    10-23-10 06:24 PM