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    I was messing around on the vzw website. clicked a link by mistake. It was the How To fix Low Volume link. I thought this was hilarious. Here's verizon's fix for phones with low volume.

    Resolving Volume Issues
    Refer to the Knowledge Base or Equipment guide for device-specific instructions.

    *Verify the ringer volume is set appropriately.
    *Verify the ringtones selection. If necessary, select a different (louder) ringtone.
    *Check to ensure there are no items obstructing the device speaker (cases, covers, thin plastic strips, etc.).
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    lol. Where is the "Sign another 2 year contract with us for a better phone with a more advanced speaker" option?
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    11-27-11 03:26 PM
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    I have to admit, I was one of those goobers with the low volume problem. Then I was told to take the factory installed screen cover off my phone.

    Yeah. I felt like a dork.
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    Classic ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
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