1. Oj467's Avatar
    Anyone here successfully using a Pearl from VZW with a Toyota Sienna via the vehicle's navigation system?

    The "toyota.letstalk" forums only show the Pearls from T-Mobile and AT & T as being compatible.

    I'm assuming the Verizon Pearl will work - but was wondering if anyone that's actually done it could verify this for me - and also let me know if you were able to push your contact list from the 8130 to the Toyota's nav system?

    Thanks in advance!
    03-26-08 02:32 PM
  2. CRACKberry Addict's Avatar
    I work at a Toyota dealer and we bought the Blackberry 8830 just because it was on the toyota.letstalk.com site. I have not had much luck pairing any phone with a Toyota that was not listed on the website. I am all ears if someone has a way to do so. Sometimes the carrier has the service book set up that does not allow the pairing (whether intentional or not) and sometimes it is Toyota's end of things.
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    03-26-08 07:16 PM
  3. Oj467's Avatar
    Well I can verify that the Verizon 8130 does indeed work fine with our new 2008 Toyota Sienna Limited with the Navigation system. It synched up easily and transferred the contact list to the Toyota perfectly.
    03-29-08 12:16 PM