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    This has probably been answered a million times, but I'm going to ask again hoping something has changed.

    Ok. So with Verizon unlocking the GPS, are there any other apps, other than BB Maps that is working with GPS for the 8330? If not, does anyone know of any apps that utilize topographic maps or aerial photos? Even if GPS doesn't work on the app, I would love to find an application that I can download. I tried Fugawi (I believe this is what it's called) on the Where app... Horrible... I need something that is quick and user friendly. I don't want to pull up a menu for movement... I could go to topozone or one of the many other sites for that.

    I am mainly looking for a good app to use, when hiking/hunting. Direction/GPS is not an issue...I would just love to see a mobile topographic map application. Or is there someway that I can drop a topographic map into BB Maps/Google Maps?

    BTW: This site is awesome. I've been meaning to register for awhile, but I haven't needed to since all of my other questions have been answered just by reading through the forums. Thanks guys.

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    Currently, Verizon has only unlocked the GPS on the 8330 to work with BBMaps and not any other applications.

    You can't alter BBMaps or Google Maps. You are confined to what they provide you. On BBMaps, this is the street map. On Google Maps, this is the street map or the satellite view.

    For hiking/hunting and topo map use, I would recommend a dedicated handheld GPS unit for many reasons including the fact that the BlackBerry isn't waterproof, is fairly fragile, is expensive, but mainly because the GPS receiver chip is not very strong. It tends to lose reception fairly easily particular under any type of cover or obstruction.
    02-11-09 06:01 AM
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    Alright. Thank you for the quick reply. I intend on picking up a GPS unit for hunting, but was hoping that an app was available. It's easier to talk my wife into 10-100 bucks over the 200+ option.
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    Ditto, not good enough in many areas for hiking. I wish it were.

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    you can always find a cheap gps puck
    02-11-09 07:08 AM