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    Is anyone else having issues? I was activating a replacement phone and everything works except when adding my blackberry ID and restoring information from my blackberry protect. It says that my data plan does not support these features or that I do not have a data package to use these features. My phone, internet, and texts all work just fine. Has anyone experienced this? After 2 hrs of no fix from verizon's tech support and then finally being transferred to blackberry and having tech support tell me that my phone needed reprovisioned and transferred me back to verizon only for verizon to have me call *228 and do the same thing as I did during my first activation. I'm extremely confused and wondering what issue, that verizon told me came into existance at 6pm-ish mountain tim, exists. Any help after reading my useless rant?
    08-09-12 11:58 PM
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    Where did you get the BB? Did you obtain it yourself? Could it have an IT policy on it? Did you get it from someone who used it on an BB Enterprise server? Also make sure Verizon set you up with a BB data plan, NOT a regular data plan. Also after you add the phone to your account do an HRT reset, go to Options, Device, Advance, Host Routing, then press BB button and select Register Now! Next do a send service books, go to the email setup icon, select email, sign on, then press BB and select Service Books, then Send Service Books.
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    08-10-12 12:22 AM
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    ive had the same plan for about 4 years now and it was a refurb phone sent to me from verizon tech support. and when i look at the host routing table there is nothing listed and when i "register now" it does absolutely nothing. it won't let me sign on to my email accounts, continuously telling me that it can't find service to acquire server authentication.
    08-10-12 02:26 AM
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    Could be something wrong with the refurb. Perhaps you got a dud, Verizon may need to replace it again. In any event it sounds like a problem they need to fix.
    08-10-12 09:44 AM
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    Could be something wrong with the refurb. Perhaps you got a dud, Verizon may need to replace it again. In any event it sounds like a problem they need to fix.
    Most definitely. I was with Sprint PCS in 1995 at the time in the Baltimore/D.C. area, and when they became Sprint, LLP., and when they became Sprint|Nextel and everywhere in between. I had to only exchange a replacement phone twice in 16 years and it went perfectly fine, no refurbished phone, brand new. They always treated us well in that respect.

    However, I switch to VZW last year and for two members on my plan I had to get them refurbished phones under their warranty & replacement program... Worst Experience. In a few short months of being with VZW both times, for two different exchanges, for two different phones, I had to send one of them back twice and the other had to be exchanged four times before we had a 'working' refurbished phone! Each one had something wrong with it whether a power issue, a data issue, et cetera... All I can say is I would not be surprised at all if the phone is just a dud like pkcable said...

    I would always expect to have to swap a few out before one actually works with VZW...

    Hope everything eventually works out for you! Best of Luck!
    08-10-12 12:31 PM
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    I actually finally just spoke with verizon and the rep got my services up and running (finally) but when I go into my setup as if to add another email adress my phone won't even allow me to go into the email setup application.. Wtf?! So I can't change passwords or add email addresses.. Is this a OS issue? I'm running the newest vzw .580 and am wondering if this is a BlackBerry issue or something through vzw?
    08-12-12 02:53 PM
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    No when I joined VZW last October I was extremely annoyed when the representative said I would not be able to set up my E-Mail address by myself. I believe it can be done, but when I was doing it they said something to the effect of 'well every once and awhile we have to do it on our end because of issues' and yes that entailed me giving them my passwords over the phone which I had to go and change them all ASAP when it was set-up. VZW has some serious issues. All carriers have their issues, but I think some of the small ones VZW has are far more egregious!
    08-12-12 03:06 PM
  8. jason18's Avatar
    Well I've been with Big Red for about 11 years now and I've had a blackberry for 6 years now. I've always been able to update my email addresses and until I received this refurb on thursday, my previous 9930's have always allowed me to do that as well. The only thing that has changed was the software OS...
    08-12-12 03:09 PM
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    They never explained what it was... I have had a BlackBerry device since '99 before they were capable of voice communications. I was with Sprint PCS in Baltimore/D.C. area in '95 and had been with them until October of last year, but when I needed to set up my addresses on the new 9930 I had bought from VZW at the time when I went to set it up it was sure a first for me extremely frustrating... It has nothing to do with the OS that I can assure you.
    08-12-12 03:13 PM