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    I own the CDMA 8530 Curve from Verizon. I will be traveling abroad, mostly in Ireland, this summer. I understand that my phone will not support data plans abroad, but hope to possibly disable data and use it solely as a wi-fi device in hot-spot areas. Does anyone know if this is possible? Thanks!
    02-24-10 01:19 PM
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    You cannot shut off the data running to your smartphone...although you may not use it while out of the country you have to have it on your plan with any smartphone.


    I completely read that and thought you meant you wanted to take it off your plan while out of country.

    You can disable data bye going to manage connections &that will stop all apps or anything else that uses data from working on your phone.
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    02-24-10 01:33 PM
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    For the most part, the device just plain won't work on the cell networks over there.

    You can use wifi, but you will not be able to make/recieve calls unless you run into a military base that's feeling generous. ^^; (Yes, it's happened with a few customers. Almost always near runways.)

    If you need to be able to make/recieve calls, call 800-711-8300 for the global travel program. We can provide loaner phones (and in your case, a blackberry) for the cost of shipping. (Usually about $10 unless you need overnight.) Unlimited international data plans are available.
    02-24-10 04:11 PM