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    GPS. The BlackBerry 8830 WE has it; we all know it; we all know that Research In Motion (RIM) disabled the autonomous GPS feature at Verizon's request.

    I, for one, have had enough!

    There comes a time when the elements of a "Fair Use Policy" needs to be enacted for our BlackBerries as well as other things, such as downloadable movies and songs.

    Well, for the record, I am quite satisfied that Verizon Wireless has effectively stripped me of my right to fairly make use of the native GPS capability--specifically the kind that allow me to receive the satelite signals and use, unrestricted, the JSR-179 Location API--and it's extensions, such as [Extras] (which allow a software developer to create pages such as the number of satellites in the sky, over a graphic globe, trip computers, and the like.)

    I feel that something *must* be done to alleviate this restriction on this phone. Verizon Wireless is at least guilty of false and misleading advertising regarding the GPS capability of this device in some of its advertising. I think those of us keeping track of this subject already know this, so I will not talk of it anymore here; I say it only to make a point.

    Now, for what I think is at least one solution to our problem. We must, as a user community, come together to build a Free and Open Source Software solution that will accomplish the following goals:

    1. Create a Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) patch for the 8830's internal GPS data bus so that gps and mapping software can access the GPS Latitude, Longitude, and Elevation and other information coming directly from the satellites.

    2. Do this in such a manner that Assisted GPS (A-GPS) capability is disabled, thus respecting VZW's right to control their own Assisted GPS (A-GPS) network parameters, yet allowing us to access our own individual 8830's Autonomous GPS signals.

    3. Completely unrestrict the JSR-179 implementation on this device so anyone can write software for the Autonomous GPS function.

    4. Create a consortium to address these kinds of issues when manufacturers persist in creating unnecessary restrictions of native features on modern cell phones, thus degrading the advancement of the Cell Phone Radio Art. This ideal is similar in scope to the Amateur Radio Service's ideal of 'Advancing The Radio Art.' Cell phones are two-way radios at their core, and, therefore, fall within the scope of this ideal.

    5. Create a legal fund within the consortium under current not-for-profit guidelines which would enable the consortium to hire legal professionals and lobbyists who would represent the consortium members' desires to the relevant authorities in private industry and the government.

    6. Create within the consortium a member base of free and open source software (FOSS) developers with the time, skills, and desire to solve relevant phone problems in a legal and ethical manner. This group would create relevant software patches in line with consortium guidelines.

    7. Plan to have the consortium represented at essential and key Cellular Telephone Industry Association (CTIA) conferences and seminars around the world.

    This is it in a nutshell. If I were a skilled developer, I would have solved this problem a long time ago. I do not know how to program effectively yet to be of any useful assistance at the time of the writing. This may change in the future, but, as I suffer from a tremendous amount of learning disabilities, those with current abilities in math and computer programming would be the better ones suited to the job in my honest opinion.

    I can speak and suggest, steer a little here and there, but other, more technically savvy individuals may have to take up the development reigns, initially. Or not. It depends whether anyone truly has the interest in doing something about corporate greed and avarice.

    I don't begrudge anyone an honest buck, euro, or loonie. There just isn't any reason for stupidity such as the mentality that disables native GPS chip capability on the most modern cellular telephone/email/pda device in existence. It's ridiculous and it's time for a change in the weather up here in BlackBerry Land.

    That said...Anyone with me?
    11-08-07 02:19 AM
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    I hear ya and completely agree. But given the time and man-power needed to do this, I think that if it were possible it would have been done by now. God knows I would love for everyone to jump on this boat and help.
    11-08-07 09:49 PM
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    Well i feel the same way about Verizon's 8130! I would actually pay for someone to figure it out! @$10/month it adds up! 120 bucks a year plus tax? what a racket!

    I seriously would pay, and i know a bunch of other people who would too.. is there a place i can post a bounty on this?
    11-11-07 10:22 AM
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    While I dont wish to minimize the issue at hand...bear in mind that the best way to have your "voice" heard on matters like these is with your wallet. Take your money and your contract and go to Sprint. Its clear that they understand that it is not necessary to block useful, native features of their subscribers personally owned handsets. If you disagree with the way verizon does business then use the most effective communication tool that you have, your money! Take it somewhere else!

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    11-11-07 04:45 PM
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    Yea but Sprint isn't an angel either. My gf has sprint so I hear about all the shady s**t they pull, too. I'm sure every company has dark side. Guess the consumer is getting it from both ends.
    11-13-07 02:00 AM
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    I want you to go to the window and scream "I'm mad as ****...and I'm not gonna take it any more..."

    11-13-07 03:30 AM
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    I did that. Then tmobile sent me a flyer in the mail...coincidence?
    11-13-07 03:45 PM
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    I hate the way VZW neuters there handsets but I'm afraid they are the best of the lot. Let's face it, the cell industry is a huge racket!

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    11-13-07 04:27 PM
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    Did VerizonWireless promise a GPS with the 8130 or the 8830?

    - Then you have VZNavigator and you can pay $9.99 per month

    End of story

    You have absolutely no case and it would be a huge waste of time.

    I'm no Verizon Fanboy, but I appreciate their network and take what they give me. If GPS was a huge priority for me, I'd head to another carrier.
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    11-13-07 04:53 PM
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    ditto on ogeneo's post.
    11-13-07 09:01 PM
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    11-13-07 09:29 PM