1. appliancejunk's Avatar
    Any other site owners here?

    I own a forum (see sig) that will be three years old this summer.
    As time goes on it seems as if there is more admin work to do all the time.

    Last summer I bought a usb cell stick thing that gave my laptop a cell connection to the Internet. This way I could admin my site from anyplace with my laptop and cell connection.

    There are a few problems with admin a site on the go from a laptop.

    1. Size
    2. Time (time it takes to set up and get online)
    3. Size

    A couple days ago I decided to buy a blackberry 8530. I have only had it a few days, but I find it simply amazing how I can admin my site with it on the go. I'm using opera mini for a browser too.

    btw: awesome forums here at crackberry. I'm a bit of a forum junkie.
    03-07-10 01:40 PM
  2. mountainman's Avatar
    I don't admin a site, but I heard from a friend that uses this company:

    Rove - Manage your IT infrastructure from your smartphone. Anywhere, Anytime.

    Welcome to Crackberry Nation. Hope you are enjoying your new Curve. I loved my Curve that I had for 2 years. Great device.

    Have fun with it.
    03-07-10 09:18 PM
  3. appliancejunk's Avatar
    Thanks for the welcome. Interesting link, will check it out some more.
    03-07-10 09:29 PM