1. jimsmithchicago's Avatar
    Am in the sticks where you cannot get broadband. Testing Tether on an 8330 and an 8830 via Sprint. We do have a signal booster nearby. Both cells tethered well on the Mac and the PC but then I tried Sprint TV and when it did not work on the 8330, I called Sprint. They had me do resets 2x while they did something at their end. The process included re-registering the phone on the network and, finally, re-provisioning. This got my !XEV back up in caps. But now the 8330 tethers slowly very briefly and then incoming packets just stop (same on both computer platforms). On the 8830 it just flies! It used to on the 8330. Please share some ideas to get it working on the 8330 like it did 2 days ago. I need to buy it on both phones. (Tether support is not currently responsive; guess cuz I am in 'trial' mode.)

    Jim in Chicago
    05-14-10 07:41 AM