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    Here is info I recieved from this member regarding using multiple alarms on your BB, he asked me to post it up for him.

    Many don't realize but the BlackBerry you bought does have an infinite number of alarms, many of you know this and many of you don't, but the alarm you see in the clock app is just a quick alarm, and it irritates me to see a review like on gsmarena about BlackBerrys saying that there's only one alarm. To create the nearly infinite alarm count just go into the calendar, press the menu key and scroll up/down to "new alarm"(I'm not sure which way cause I have a storm) and create your alarm, you can have it either daily or weekly and select individual days it goes off,+ yearly and monthly is also available with relative date option. the calendar alarm does follow the exact same rules as the quick alarm in snooze time and tone, the clock app does show that there is an alarm on the calendar but you have no control from the clock which is a reason to get them alarm apps you can buy in the store,:
    07-27-10 08:44 AM