1. anon(1052990)'s Avatar

    I have been looking and looking over the forum and googling and googling but nothing well explained.

    I got 4 months unlimited data with my gsm provider Fido and 12 mb after the 4 months instead of the 3 mb and 18$ pack versus 30$ so the move is quite obvious.

    Now I bought jivetalk, it does work well with data plan however BB browser is not working anymore so I am using opera but I can not download the gmail app because no BB plan anymore.

    Could someone explained me how to install mini opera 4 and gmail app to be used over data plan instead of BB plan please ?

    Is there a third party software using data plan for pop server emails ?

    thank you
    11-08-07 02:09 AM
  2. marcolarco52's Avatar
    hey man how did you get your jivetalk working....I got the 12mb 18$ value pack also...do I just need to buy jivetalk and then it will work with that 12mb internet option??
    12-09-07 11:27 AM