1. krd621's Avatar
    I'm glad I ran across Crackberry.com...this site is amazing! I had a question and I'd appreciate some input from y'all ...

    I'm planning to buy a a Blackberry off a friend of mine (who currently has a data plan) but I don't intend to get a data plan just yet.

    I heard you need the service books to use wifi and some other applications so is it possible for him to release the PIN from his BIS account and all that other stuff before he sells it to me, but still keep the service books on the phone so I can use wifi at home?

    Thanks in advance!
    05-16-10 02:41 PM
  2. Motorcycle Mama's Avatar
    What device model number?
    For what carrier is the device branded?
    On what carrier do you intend to you it?
    05-16-10 02:58 PM
  3. acrogenesis's Avatar
    you can still use the wifi but it is very limited no bbm no facebook no appworld etc. :P i recommend you getting a data plan
    05-16-10 03:08 PM
  4. krd621's Avatar
    Thanks acrogenesis.

    Motorcycle Mama, it is a 9700 and it's branded with rogers...I plan to use it with rogers also.

    So it is possible to keep the service books and I do need them to use my home wifi (with limitations)?
    05-16-10 06:24 PM
  5. pilsbury's Avatar
    Not sure about Rogers, but with AT&T, when you put your SIM card in, and they scan for data devices, they charge you for the data plan even if you dont want it.
    05-16-10 06:41 PM
  6. Motorcycle Mama's Avatar
    I don't think that Rogers automatically charges for a data plan .... yet.

    You probably will be able to continue using the browser via WiFi but none of the BlackBerry data applications (BBM, Facebook, AppWorld, Twitter, etc) will work without a BlackBerry Data Plan.

    Also, none of the Google applications will work over WiFi without a data plan.
    05-16-10 07:00 PM
  7. krd621's Avatar
    Great, thanks everybody!!
    05-17-10 06:50 PM