1. nasadasin's Avatar
    I'm trying to move photos taken on the 8310 Blackberry Curve from the phone to computer. Sometimes I get the message that I don't have power and need a powered USB for the laptop. Not always, however. In no case, though, have I been able to find/open/save the photos from the computer. I gather from other posts that I need to first save the photos on the phone's memory chip, not the phone's innate memory, in order to make the transfer. Is that right? Is there a clear (I.e., SIMPLE) description somewhere of how to do this? Would be really nice if it just happened automatically as it does with digital cameras.

    02-24-08 03:15 PM
  2. cindylov4's Avatar
    You need to save the pics on the MicroSD card then you can either use the desktop manager or you can drag the pictures by going to My Computer then Removable disk.
    02-24-08 03:18 PM
  3. nasadasin's Avatar
    I think the USB won't work because of insufficient power. When I plug the BlackBerry in to the computer via the USB I get an error message, and can't open it through My Computer either. This is a laptop, and I have found in the past that sometimes USB connections won't work unless they are externally powered.
    02-24-08 04:12 PM