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    My carrier supports BlackBerry with all the right Services Books and HRT for customers on a contract with BlackBerry data-plan. Good for them.

    However, I am a more flexible customer (maybe I like to use one SIM with many different smartphones...) and I am without BlackBerry data. Instead of BlackBerry data, I use generic data that is intended for generic smartphones. This is cheaper and more interoperable.

    The most significant difference is the APN address. In a nutshell, I use the settings advised for iPhone customers and these work great on my BlackBerry. The settings are entered manually either in Apps or in the OS Settings.

    There are some settings that are imposed on me automatically and without my consent. These settings are contained in Service Books and HRT. What is significant is that these settings do not work with my contract because they are intended for customers with a BlackBerry contract only.

    I have had a look at the imposed MMS settings that are incompatible with my contract, but which are imposed on me. The imposed Service Book and HRT point to a gateway where my login does not work because I don't have the 18 months BlackBerry contract. If I could just change the gateway address in the HRT from the one used by customers on that BlackBerry contract to the address used by all other customers (HTC, iPhone, Nokia etc.) then my MMS might work.

    Consequently, could you please share with me any knowledge you have about editing and installing custom Service Book and HRT Settings?

    Many thanks,
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