1. brady0125's Avatar
    is it possible to upload my contacts on my BB9330 into my Microsoft Outlook Web Access contacts? thank you in advance......
    01-12-11 02:16 PM
  2. Pcpro745's Avatar
    You cant import contacts into Outlook Web Access, i just tried theres no option for it. If you have a way to setup Outlook on your computer to the exchange server then you can import then from outlook otherwise its a no go for OWA
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    01-12-11 02:22 PM
  3. brady0125's Avatar
    thank you Pcpro745. I was not sure if the blackberry desktop program could aid in this at all.
    01-12-11 02:27 PM
  4. Pcpro745's Avatar
    The only way the Desktop Manager could is if you were able to make a connection with Microsoft Outlook to the exchange server, Then it could sync them to outlook. It would be nice if Outlook Web Access had the option to import contacts. Glad i could be of some help!
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    01-12-11 02:40 PM