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    hello bb users,,i was just reading a article about Rim coming out with some sort of promotion in the US encouraging people to to upgrade to os7. i was just hoping that the same would apply to canada. it would be nice way to show gratification to all us loyal bb users here as well and it certainly would work better with playbook. as far as i am concerned the best way to promote is get it in peoples hands and word of mouth so to speak is a great way to advertise something in a positive way. l guess this week for me was living proof.this past week we had a service rep on our ship from germany...i showed him my playbook after i noticed him using a 9800 like mine...he was totally blown away but they were still approx 350 to 400 euros there..i took him to future shop where he bought two and has since promoted them to his company and they are as well investing in purchasing playbooks for their reps.anyway..love my playbook and 9790 and 9800...just with i could upgrade my 9800....wife has 9790 and she is not giving that upto me..,lol
    02-02-12 09:51 AM