1. gumbo32's Avatar
    The blackberry storm is my first blackberry. Although I loved it at first, I am starting to get frustrated with it.
    I was told that I could update the operating system and that would help relieve some of my issues with it. However, I don't really know if that is a good idea or not and how I would even go aout doing it. Is there anyone who has any advice on what I should do?

    BTW, this is my 2nd blackberry storm. Last week, my screen decided to stop working and verizon kindly replaced it on the spot.
    Thank you for anyone's help and advice!
    05-22-09 12:27 PM
  2. 1967LS2's Avatar
    Go to the OS forums and there you can download the latest software and also there are step by step walkthroughs to guide you in the upgrade process. And yes it will also alleviate much of your frustration with the phone because it is largely due to the poor .75 OS. Good luck.
    05-22-09 12:44 PM
  3. Reed McLay's Avatar
    If you feel confidant in downloading and installing software, it is a simple process. If your computer skills are limited, you may want to bring along a friend to help out with difficult bits.

    Should you upgrade? Each carrier has tested and accepted a specific version of software for distribution.

    Development has not halted, as new and improved version are accepted for use, they are usually well worth the upgrade.

    You would be wise to use only carrier approved upgrades. There are leaked beta test packages that some of our adventurous members will be trying out. They anticipate problems, but that is the trade off for improved overall performance.
    05-22-09 01:57 PM