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    Hi everyone!

    I figured that I would let everyone know that if you had purchased a mobile inurance plan through Best Buy, you should be getting a letter in the mail or already recieved one from the insurance company saying they are cancelling your insurance as of September 1. I went to Best Buy today to see what was going on. It is true, Best Buy is no longer using that company and will be going back to the "service agreement". They told me this covers everything (including water damage) except for lost or stolen, (which sucks). And they will send your phone out to try to repair it and give you a loner phone. If they can not repair it then you get a new one (exchange) from within the store. There is also no deductable and the price is $9.99 per month.

    The down side it doesn't cover lost or stollen but the upside is there's no deductable. I hope you all find this useful.
    08-18-10 02:42 PM