1. ladyfish's Avatar
    is there any way to recall the information on the device memory? I downloaded the latest software update for my 9530 and it wiped out my device memory - all contacts, apps, EVERYTHING. My backup file is somehow corrupted and won't load. Is there any guru trick that can help me find my stuff?
    10-07-10 02:49 PM
  2. Reed McLay's Avatar
    The software upgrade should restore all of your data and settings, but if the original backup was corrupted, it can fail.

    The first thing to check is for a valid backup file with the type IPD. The v5 Backup was saved to your Documents directory. The new v6 now saves it to ...\Documents\BlackBerry\Backup.

    If you find one with a current or recent date stamp, you should be able to recover everything. An older dated file will likely still contain a lot of your data, but there will be some loss of current data.
    10-07-10 03:04 PM