1. starberry's Avatar
    I was going through my bill for last month and first noticed that every morning at 5:58 AM my phone sends out anywhere from 258-987kb of data. So I check my current months usuage and found that on 7/24 at 12:40 AM my phone sent out 29,604kb of data! Is at&t stealing my soul while I sleep!?! My months total is 33,000kb. Can't call at&t at work so thought I would ask here before I go home and yell at them....
    07-25-08 05:34 PM
  2. AbeFrohman's Avatar
    Your BB will send/receive data without you knowing it. Essentially, it pings back & forth to the server. Small bits of data.

    Do you have any apps that have automatic updates? Viigo or other RSS reader? Anything like that running in the background?

    Then again, AT&T could in fact be stealing your soul. Hope you didn't need it.
    07-25-08 05:37 PM
  3. starberry's Avatar
    Well I like my soul even though I have been told I never had one in the first place.

    I had some battery issues this monring and was fully charged to 100% at 1pm today, now I am down to 90% 4 hrs later when I haven't been doing anything on my phone and it keeps doing the little data xfr arrows at the top. The only apps I have are gmail, google maps, pacman, opera mini, miutunes, yahoo and my crackberry.
    07-25-08 06:42 PM