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    Hi guys,

    I've gone through every step I possible can and cannot get MMS or Email to work on my Blackberry Storm 2 That I have unlocked and am using on AT&T's go phone network with a data plan. Please help in any way you can.

    First MMS:

    I've noticed that the send MMS option has disappeared when I am viewing a photo. I can compose one in the SMS menu but get the error that it cant send but can be saved as a draft. Tried all other suggestions and installed service books but not sure if the MMS books were included in the books i installed. I can't seem to find the books anywhere....


    There is a lovely tutorial about getting email to work on here but it involves downloading a program for PC and I am a MAC user so i cant. When I go into email setup I get the message: "your device had a problem connecting to the server" I've registered it twice already. It says message sent and i receive nothing else and it does not allow me to use email. I tried a suggestion about logging into a BIS account but my account is not recognized when i try that (probably because its a verizon BB on an ATT network?)

    I've tried a lot of things to no avail here. Most seem to be geared toward earlier Storm versions. Mine is 9550. I also tried something where I changed a few things that had my old number@vzw.com to my new number@att and that didnt work. I'm rambling now so i'm gonna leave it at that. Hope someone can help and sorry for the long post!

    10-29-11 08:08 PM
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    You need a BlackBerry specific data plan in order to get MMS and Email. A generic data plan won't work. And you cannot get a BlackBerry Data Plan on a Go Phone plan.
    10-29-11 08:42 PM
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    Oh NO! please don't say that. haha. But I have seen others that have gotten MMS and Email to work on STORM with AT&T. Anyone have a solution? Please!
    10-29-11 08:48 PM
  4. SwitchBeach's Avatar
    With AT&T, yes.

    With GoPhone, no.

    It's not the same thing. Unfortunately.

    You would need to switch to a regular contract plan.
    10-29-11 08:50 PM
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    CRAP! well thanks for the reply
    10-29-11 09:05 PM