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    hi, i just bought an unlocked blackberry tour and i put in my new tmobile SIM card (with new number), did a SECURITY wipe and everything went well. the only problem i have is that when i was trying to set up the voicemail for my sim card by pressing "1" the number on the screen still reflects the OLD number that was associated with this phone. I do not get why this is happening. I even updated the access phone number from the old to my current one and then SAVED/RESET. so shouldnt that have worked?

    how can i get that number on the screen to change to reflect my NEW number?

    Also when the voicemail goes on, it sounds like the voicemail is asking me to leave a message, instead of asking if I want to setup or listen to my messages.

    did anyone else have this issue at all? but other than that, my phone is working fine and I can set up email accounts etc. its just the voicemail/number issue i am just so puzzled about why the screen would not show my updated NEW number, but keeps showing the old number on the screen.

    ...would i need to download/reinstall the service books? that was what i was told by someone...

    also now it seems like my messages via BBM won't go thru quickly or at all, they are just in that perpetual 'busy/sending" phase.icon. any ideas on how i might configure the tour so that my BBMs will go thru? even on hard EDGE it is REALLY slow...
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    i hope i made sense in the above post, i am just soo confused as to why i am not seeing my new number on the screen after dialing 1 to get into voicemail...
    11-06-10 10:21 PM