1. marky_13's Avatar
    I have searched everywhere looking for a solution to this problem:

    I am trying to connect my pearl 9100 (running leaked os 6 .424) to my university's wifi network but every single time it says 'failed to associate with network'. There is an open network and a WPA2 enterprise network showing up with a wifi scan and even after the IT guy tried to custom set up the wifi settings it gives that same error message when trying to connect!

    The IT guy that helped even had a 9700 with a leaked os 6 running and he could connect to wifi no problem with his... I have still yet to connect to the wifi network, let alone log in with my username and password to be able to use the internet. I get 'failed to associate with network' every time.

    Does anyone know how to get a blackberry to connect to university wifi or have come across this problem before???????????????
    02-08-11 01:29 PM