1. faust3000's Avatar
    I searched for the answer but I found nothing so far. Here is what I would like to know...

    Is it possible to use Unite! to sync data between a device (namely, an 8330) and an Exchange server that I have hosted with Exchange My Mail?

    I wanted to attempt to configure Unite! on my home server, but it requires a BB to be connected in order to configure it so that was a no go as I have not yet picked up a Curve (I am "testing" the Touch right now...).

    It's not so much a big deal if I can't sync everything wirelessly, but my biggest concern is that if I sync with Unite! and Outlook, my data would never be completely up to date on my server, handheld and computer.

    I've been looking for a reason to drop WinMo, and Unite! could possily get me one step closer to doing that.
    05-11-08 08:55 PM