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    I work for a small company (4-5 Berries) and recently installed Unite for us to keep each other in check with our calendar. The server has worked like a charm and everyone is ecstatic with the outcome. My question is...if this goes beyond (and it will) 5 users and maybe want to upgrade to something a little more versatile, what's the next step for us in blackberry land? If you need any specs, don't be afraid to ask!

    Thank you!
    08-10-08 12:44 AM
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    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    08-10-08 01:10 AM
  3. coffeyman's Avatar
    That's what I was afraid of. I was hoping that there would be something in-between that wouldn't take an IT department to run.
    This may be the wrong forum, but for those of you who manage bes, how difficult/time consuming is it to do?
    Is having an exchange enviornment a must?

    Thanks again
    08-10-08 09:35 PM
  4. psionfenix's Avatar
    i havent played with it yet, but would it be possible to run a second unite and have one of the phones operate on both, that should keep all 9 the same.

    just a thought, as i said, i havent played with it yet, just now looking in to it. I'm getting ready to set it up for my company i think, there's a few of us, and i dont think we NEED it, but it might be cool to have.
    10-06-08 10:55 PM
  5. ktollison's Avatar
    Just looking through and I know this is an old post. Thought id throw my 2 cents in anyway. Their is an in between, Blackberry Professional Services. It does require Exchange or Domino. Your first License is free and a 5 pack is about $450. Look for Special Offers on the Blackberry site.
    02-22-09 10:20 AM
  6. CanoeBoy's Avatar
    Up to 30 user as stated above

    BlackBerry - BlackBerry Professional Software

    10 user license can be got for 500 ish
    02-22-09 11:17 AM
  7. 7horn's Avatar
    ConoeBoy and Ktollison are correct BPS is the next step, however it is also going the way of the Dodo along with its younger sibling Unite.

    I hope that Rim comes up with replacements with the release of BES 5.

    BPS will be offered for awhile yet and supported for a few more years, so one could still purchace it and get help if needed for the next couple years.

    By the time you run out of support for that you should be ready for a full BES server anyway.
    03-02-09 05:08 PM
  8. ktollison's Avatar
    My problem is I have no need or desire to run Exchange or Domino. I would like to see a more robust Unite app that could be used with Google Apps, Postfix, Sendmail, Etc... Like the way I am using Unite now. I am definitely will to pay a license fee for also.

    I support a couple of BES installs on Exchange. These are all in small companies. In my opinion Exchange is more trouble than its worth for small installs.
    03-02-09 07:17 PM