1. ScubaBoy1's Avatar
    Hi all, I'm new to CrackBerry. I have a Torch 9800, every week (once a week) my phone mysteriously shows between 20 and 30 unsent text messages (green text bubble that appears on left of sent text message). Thing is I don't sleep walk or get wasted, and I definateley did not try to send these messages to my contacts (the text messages are also blank!) I am well confused, I have read that it is impossible to get a virus on a BB, is this malware? (I have a few Jared apps on my phone). I use my phone on the net regulary, and sometimes to purchase items on the net.


    09-26-11 05:58 PM
  2. DannyJK's Avatar
    I read something about those Jared apps being bad for some reason, but I dont remember what it was, but I doubt it would be releated. It is my understanding that Virus' and Malware have a purpose and I dont see the purpose in creating blank texts. Might be a firmware glitch but it might also be an app thats not functioning properly or misbehaving.... Do you have any apps that do anything with texts? Im really not sure what this could be so im just throwing ideas at you.
    09-26-11 10:26 PM