1. Texastreat's Avatar
    I bought and used the original Jawbone for years! Loved it. Then last year I bought the Jawbone II - it won't stay in my ear no matter what I try to do...various ear gels etc. - callers can never hear me unless I take my fingers and press the unit into my cheek area. Kinda defeats the purpose of a bluetooth. So I went back to my old original Jawbone. Still kicking! But alas time has taken it's toll and today the ear piece broke off and there is a crack in the face plate from where I press to turn it off and on. So time for a new bluetooth. Knowing that the Jawbone does not fit my ear - what have others with the same issue done for their next bluetooth? I loved my original Jawbone..folks could never tell that I was on a bluetooth. Just can't get the new ones to fit correctly no matter what. I know there is a company that makes a molded ear pieces for $100 - no thanks....
    What are some other good choices that deliver the hearing/voice quality of the Jawbone?? Thanks!
    02-19-10 10:37 AM
  2. mleubanks's Avatar
    Have you tried using the ear gels with the original Jawbone on the JawboneII ? Just a thought...
    03-02-10 09:44 PM