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    I have a new 9700 with AT&T. For the life of me, whatever I do, I cannot use WiFi.
    I am connected to my wireless router, the browser is set to 'Hotspot', I am getting IP address from the router, I have a dash (-) next to the connection, the WiFi logo is gray on the top right and when I try to go to a web address it doesn't do anything. It attempts to connect, the "Requesting" bar moves slowly and when it reaches roughly 50% it pops an error message "Unable to find the requested server".

    I read though other posts but can't get the damn thing to work. I just don't get what I am missing here.
    Will appreciate any help.


    Edit: Adding Wi-Fi Diagnostic if it can be of any help. Thanks!

    Current Profile: Hasharon
    SSID: Hasharon
    AP MAC Address: 00:1F:XX:XX:YY:YX
    Security Type: Pre-Shared Key (PSK)
    Local IP Address:
    Signal Level:  
    Connection Data Rate: 54 Mbps
    Status: Network acquired
    Current Profile:  
    Concentrator Address:  
    Contact:  N/A
    Authentication: N/A
    Secure Device IP:   
    Status: VPN profile is not found.
    BlackBerry Infrastructure
    Connecting: Error
    Authenticating router: N/A
    Authenticating server: N/A
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    Problem solved!
    Here is what was wrong:
    I have two routers (long story) - one is wired, a switch behind it, and behind the switch I have a wireless router.
    Turns out, the DHCP in the main (wired) router was limited to 6 clients, thus when the BB connected to the network it acquired the IP from the wireless router which serves as a hotspot.
    I changed the number of clients in the main router, disabled DHCP in the wireless, and now BB is connected with a green mark and browser works just fine.
    We learn something new every day :-)

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    Two conflicting DHCP servers will often cause confusing problems particularly when only one is supposed to exist on the network.
    03-20-10 07:51 PM
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    Yeah, I know. Reason why I enabled the DHCP on the wireless router is that I wasn't able to acquire IP on BB and I couldn't figure out why. I later learned why - the main router was limited in number of clients

    03-22-10 06:56 PM
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    i am say, VPN on iphone is so simple and just what's up Blackberry?? i cannot get it working on my Bold
    04-23-10 11:30 PM