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    Rogers may be introducing UMA service for $15-20 monthly.

    Price: Rogers will charge for the WiFi/UMA access - $15/mo for local unlimited calling and $20/mo for unlimited long distance (within Canada) and "competitive" international long distance rates

    Device Availability: Likely to initially launch/be available on the BlackBerry Pearl 8120 and a lower-end Nokia phone
    I am on the fringes of signal coverage, typical outdoor readings of -100 to -108 dBm means low quality service, if at all. Visitors complain of poor reception frequently.

    UMA means I will be able to use my investment in network technology to provide plenty of bandwidth for voice and data.

    Fortunately, the times I am outside of my local network, I am usually en-route toward the stronger signal areas and better quality of service at the cost of Rogers network data.

    Next step, house branded phones only, or will they support unlocked phones too?
    03-31-08 12:37 PM