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    The problem I am having is even when my phone is picking up my home wifi signal, it often switches from UMA to EDGE. I changed mobile preferences to wifi preferred, still having trouble. If I shut mobile network off it connects to UMA no problem, but often when I turn mobile connection back on it switches to EDGE. I need this to work b/c I have "talk forever" pkg with tmo.

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    03-11-08 02:46 PM
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    did you try soft reset by pulling battery with power on? do you have newest software? I have curve with hotspot@home and when this happens I soft reset or turn all connections off and then back and viola!
    03-11-08 04:50 PM
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    Yes I tried soft redet and still same problem. Sometimes I think its my router, but even when bb picks up my wifi signal, its still edge unless I shut mobile network off

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    03-13-08 11:32 AM
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    When you go into 'Manage Connections' and look to the right of the checked 'Wi-Fi' box and your network name/title, do you have a green circle with a white check mark or is it a yellow circle with a dash/minus?

    What's your signal strength when your connection switches from UMA to EDGE?

    Also, what happens if you select 'Wi-Fi Only' for Mobile Network?

    Just curious...
    03-13-08 11:53 AM
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    on the wifi options page, move your preferred networks above the hotspot and @home ones. that fixed it for me, now UMA is rock solid.
    04-01-08 01:40 PM
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    It sounds like you are in a strong network signal area.

    UMA uses a dedicated server to monitor your signal strength. If you are getting a high power signal from your EDGE network, any reduction in your WiFi signal strength will result in you switching over to the more powerful signal.

    Manual control lets you over ride the 'puter.
    04-02-08 10:14 PM
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    So what is this manual control?
    It seems I'm in a pretty good coverage area also but would like to use my UMA.

    Does that also mean if I'm in a bad coverage area, since wifi is available it will switch to it? (My scenario/settings are same as OP's)

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    04-08-08 10:07 AM
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    I had the same problem connecting to the UMA. What is surprising is, I was able to connect to UMA through the WIFI router and then one fine day I replaced the router with the same exact model and configuration (that is what I thought).

    I have put my full story on this durgeshbhat.wordpress.com/2010/09/22/possible-solution-for-uma-blackberry-tmobile-not-working/

    Summary of the solution
    For the UMA to work, the main requirement is that the WIFI router is configured for a single type (G or B) and most preferably on "B". Do Not at any circumstances use the MIXED.

    What a relief. I wish the T-mobile CS knew this or it could be in the min requirements of the UMA access instructions on theirs or BB website
    Please tell me if this solution helped your situation.
    09-22-10 11:18 AM
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    Ugh! I hate having to have to write that post title. Ive been a huge evangelist and diehard fan of T-Mobile being almost grateful that they offered UMA.

    Now, after having them for four years and reviewing my phone usage breakdown, I realize that T-Mo has pulled off The Big Con.

    Go to YouTube and you can find T-Mo commercials showing how easy, seamless (and fun) it is to use UMA. They sell you by telling you that all you have to do is set up your router, other Hot Spots and phone to mate once and that's it. From then on, any time you are in that area you will automatically get free calls.

    And it may have originally worked that way. About half of my calls were UMA initiallly. However, despite no change in work, home or the world, except for even more wi-fi clouds popping up in the past four years and having a teenage son who has a Galaxy with an always-on hot spot the number of UMA minutes has now dwindled down to a measly 50 per month.........out of a 1,000.

    Ive done soft resets, hard resets, reinstalled the NEWEST software, replaced the BB four times in four years (now on 5th!) and even stood on my head and placed the phone on top of the wireless router. My laptop picked up the wifi signal. Why doesn't T-Mo's phone? I live in a city of a million people and have a Line-of-Sight to a T-Mo tower. By all empirical evidence there is no other solution than that T-Mo knows there's a problem, is part of the problem and continues to 'stick it' to us.

    Despite all of this the number of UMA minutes has shrunk and the overage charges have piled up..........and it got me thinking............"if InTrade can change their odds, if casinos can rig their slot machines to reward more or less frequently then what would keep T-Mo from regressively pull back UMA coverage 'recognition' gradually over time?"

    After all, T-Mo makes 40-cents a minute off each overage minute but nothing off UMA minutes other than the $10/mo. HS@Home feature. Why not ding the customer for both? Who looks at their bill anyway?!

    Ive confronted T-Mo reps on the phone about the overage charges and have refused to pay until they refund the overages. They have told me it is impossible to reverse the charges until I pay the past due amount. Impossible?!?! Or they simply refuse due to policy that is not customer-centric?! So, we are at a stalemate. They did offer me one free month if I agree to commit to getting screwed by them for another 24 months but again this is before resolving the underlying issue. These reps are putting their own greedy goals ahead of customer service. Are they stupid? There's no way Im going to throw good money after bad when they havent even resolved the issues!

    My son places his Galaxy with open hot spot adjacent to my 9700, side by side. Sometimes, it reads UMA. Often times, it doesnt. Sometimes, it does but reverts to GSM or 3G. It gets to the point that it is not at all like T-Mo's commercials about how it is seamless and automatically looks for open Hot Spots. It doesnt.........and you have to constantly double-check and make sure that you see the teeny-tiny "UMA" in the upper right corner before you impulsively answer or make a call. Meanwhile, my son has unlimited minutes with T-Mo and pays LESS with NO contract! WTF?!?!?!?!?!

    T-Mo is fully aware of this issue and the customer retention agent told me that T-Mo never promised free calls when in a Wi-Fi Hot Spot. Only that UMA-defined calls would be free. In other words, it is a lottery, a gamble and you are spinning the wheel doing business with T-Mo.

    I even took the 9700 into a T-Mo store where I scanned and could see THREE active T-Mo Hot Spots IN the store. The UMA did not automatically pop up during the 15 minutes I waited for customer service. The CSR did a scan for open networks and found a T-Mo one. He found three and UMA did pop up but then disappeared. He did a soft reset. Still, no improvement. I did an over-the-air software update in front of him despite the phone only being three weeks old and already having the newest OS build (1879). Even he could not get the phone to automatically scan, grab and hold a UMA signal inside a T-Moble phone.

    At this point, Im calling BS on T-Mo. They are selling a product that they know is defective, at the least, and possibly rigged.

    T-Mo, I thought I knew thee well. I loved you like a brother and thought I could trust you. Now, I find out that not only are you screwing me out of UMA minutes but you are screwing over a loyal customer of four years for $80/mo.+ overages for 300 minutes while prepaid customers with no contracts and loyalty are get unlimited everything for just 50 bucks.............and you want me to commit to another two years?!?!?!?!?!?!!?

    T-Mo, there's a reason why you never made #1 and despite rooting for an underdog for so many years I now see my trust and faith in you was misplaced.

    Enduring overages, hours with Customer Support, resets ad nauseum and now 5 phones just isnt worth it. A couple of tin cans and a string never gave me the headaches T-Mo does. T-Mo's tagline, 'Stick Together' is about loyalty. But it is just a hollow promise that is unrequited. I remember the tagline of another German outfit that hung across all of their 'storefronts' that said "Arbeit Mach Frei", or "Work Will Set You Free". Sure, free to warm up in an Easy-Bake oven. Not much has changed, has it, Colonel Klink.

    It's official, T-Mobile! You Suck. You can take your tagline and UMA and Stick It!

    T-Mo's indifference and greed has converted a faithful convert and evangelist into someone absolutely disgusted and distrusting of them. They've had chance after chance of fixing the issue but they've gone after short-term gain as opposed to long-term profit and loyalty. T-Mo, you were much better off with me as a friend than an enemy. Now, all future prospective customers will be able to read about how I was treated and how you will treat them if they subscribe to you. How many millions will you have to spend on advertising to overcome this? How many customers' future revenue will you lose simply b/c you tried screwing me over month after month?

    Goodbye, T-Mo. Hello Republic and Sprint!

    You have jumped the shark but you just don't know it yet.

    RIP T-Mo Eat Minutes and Die!!!!
    12-31-11 04:49 PM