1. Tailor's Avatar
    I'm in the UK with a Pearl 8120 with o2 and BIS.
    I have all features working fine using EDGE but not with WiFi.
    I have a wireless internet router with multiple Public IPs, so no firewall or NAT.
    O2 released the blackberry to the press giving the fetaures of Wifi access to emails, etc.
    The problem is that i cant get UMA up on the handset, the wireless status only goes to yellow and the diagnostics show that it can't connect to the Blackberry network.
    i can browse the internet using the Wifi but no blackberry feature will work.
    i notice that a similar issue was with T_mobile USA and they had a certificate that could be downloaded.
    My provider doesn't have a clue about UMA and the closest i got to an answer / fob off was it would only work where they had provided WiFi and not anywhere else.
    i dont understand the route to the blackberry network enough to know if they are telling me the truth, it seems that the handset just needs to make a connection using SSL and port 443 and then you are on but is that provided by RIM or by your provider?
    i spoke to RIM who suggested that O2 havent opened up ports 500 and 4500, this may be a red herring as it wasn't full tech support as they wanted money!
    So i guess i'm after any input from those of you who know more than me! Are there any tests i can do, is your provider involved to this extent?
    has anyone got this working in the UK?
    many thanks
    11-27-07 10:03 AM
  2. deadpencil's Avatar
    I'm in the same situation.
    Having just got my first Blackberry on O2 uk, I assumed that when in a WiFi signal area, it would just hand over the data services across wifi.
    I've played with every setting I can find on the phone and the wireless logo always remains ghosted and the wireless status has a yellow icon even although I've got an authenticated connection to the wifi network.

    So is this all down to UMA and O2 not supporting it?

    As far as I can tell, my blackberry is not using the wifi connection for anything - it always uses GPRS.

    Thanks in advnce for any help or advice
    01-31-08 07:35 AM
  3. John Clark's Avatar
    There is a thread going here that may answer this question:

    01-31-08 08:30 AM
  4. deadpencil's Avatar
    Thanks for pointing me over to that thread John, it's very helpful.
    01-31-08 12:28 PM