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  1. Reed McLay's Avatar
    Thyth-o-matic BlackBerry Engineering Screen Unlock Code Generator
    December 11, 2009:
    Research in Motion ("RIM") notified me, through their wonderful lawyer that they had good faith belief that this "BlackBerry Engineering Screen Unlock Code Generator" was infringing on RIM's copyright.

    While I do not agree that reverse engineering the algorithm constitutes copyright infringement, it is not in my interest to ignore the takedown request, or act in bad faith. As such, this generator is no longer available.

    For the (approximately) 30,000 users: it was a good run. Too bad RIM does not appreciate the innovators and developers who enrich the user experience on their platform.
    The eScreen code generator code can be run localy as documented in this post:

    12-18-09 05:10 PM
  2. purestgreen's Avatar
    I have been using my Orange UK branded 8900 happily with UMA for the past few months.
    My wife recently got hers (from Orange Direct) but it is a generic unlocked handset (Orange rushed them out in other words!)
    Hers was not enabled for UMA but thanks to the first page in this thread I got it working in minutes by copying my info.

    I'm sure more Orange UK users will need the details at some point:

    Display Name: Factory provisioning
    UMA Protocol version: UMA v. 1.0.3
    Provisioning UNC address: unc.singlephone.orange.co.uk
    Provisioning UNC port: 14001
    Provisioning SEGW address: singlephone.orange.co.uk
    SEGW cert: Equifax Secure Cert (public key type RSA 1024)

    Big thanks to Thyth!
    Hi - great stuff! I have an unbranded 8520 and have just discovered the engineering screens. I've got an Orange UK sim and want to set up the UMA profile - but I'm guessing I'll also need the Orange UK equivalents for those 2 cert files that are floating around for t-mobile US and Rogers. Any change you can attach them to this thread or something please please please?!
    01-04-10 10:53 AM
  3. firstorbit84's Avatar
    Wooo hooo! Thank you UMA pioneers... These instructions worked for me on a 8320 that was originally non-UMA enabled on Digicel in Central America, now unlocked on T-Mobile USA with UMA enabled!!!

    I knew it could be done!

    I grabbed the certs from another UMA-enabled t-mobile blackberry 8120, saved them using the advanced restore, then loaded them onto the 8320, and followed the instructions... Thanks again!
    01-22-10 01:08 AM
  4. Nitsuj85's Avatar
    Im using T-Mobile on an unlocked storm 2 9550. Can I get some help on getting UMA working?
    01-24-10 01:31 AM
  5. Nitsuj85's Avatar
    NM I found them. Heres a copy if anyone else needs them. Ill host them on my media fire account as long as they let me.

    Free File Hosting Made Simple - MediaFire

    okay where do I install them at?
    01-24-10 02:31 AM
  6. firstorbit84's Avatar
    not sure... i couldn't figure that out myself.. which is why I used the method of going through advanced backup/restore certs through desktop manager with another UMA enabled t-mobile BB....

    maybe try searching how to load them... anyone else know??

    I can also send them via pin if you want me to then PM me...
    apparently you can send certs via
    01-27-10 05:51 PM
  7. bb-blossom's Avatar
    Hi All,

    New here.

    I am a T-mo customer. I currently have a flip 8220, but it has received damage. I was trying to hold out until I could afford the sweet new 9700 or what have you, but couldn't anylonger... I thought I would get another 8220 for now. So, like an *****, I guess.. I just purchased an "unlocked" one online--even had it overnighted. Received the phone and it is branded "Rogers", transferred everything and all was great, except I can't get UMA services. So, I am spending all this time trying to figure out why. Found this thread.

    I was able to transfer the needed T-Mo certificate files using the Advance restore options as noted here. Thank you...

    But, I don't know where to go from here. It looks like the other necessary step with the engineering screen thing is not possible any longer?

    I don't know what else to do or what to do next. Can anyone help me, please? I am in an area that I have no service without UMA/Wifi and now am very afraid that I just threw all this money out the window!

    Can anyone help me to get my UMA with this Rogers phone to work with my T-Mo services?

    Thanks for any help.
    01-30-10 04:06 AM
  8. docFr's Avatar

    I have a blackberry bold 9700 and my carrier is Orange France. I bought my mobile abroad but can use it with other carriers.

    I put an Orange France sim card into it, mobile network/mails are ok, but i can not use UMA with my livebox although UMA is available in my offer.

    Then, i try to configure the e-screen in the blackberry as follow :

    display name: orange Fr

    operator name: orange Fr uma

    uma protocol version 1.0.3

    provisioning unc address: hbsc.mobile.orangefrance.fr

    provisioning unc port: 14001

    provisioning segw address: sgw.mobile.orange.fr

    SEGW Certificate: Equifax secure certificate authority.

    I set also Wifi prefered in the network mobile configuration.

    I have wifi connection between bb device and livebox, but no uma icon on the bb.

    Do you think it is correct and enough ?

    Thank you for your feedback.
    03-02-10 06:43 AM
  9. nemesis91101's Avatar
    The start up provider screen can be gotten rid of using MFI Multiloader

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    03-02-10 05:01 PM
  10. docFr's Avatar
    I called an orange expert (3907 from France) with my mobile phone.
    He operated a small remote modification on options networks (i don't know what exactly but it seemed to be obvious because he found immediately the problem).
    After that, i put out the battery to force the bb to reboot.

    And have now the uma icon. I try an uma communication with my livebox and works fine.
    03-03-10 01:03 AM
  11. trafsta's Avatar
    Go here to get UMA working on a Rogers 9700! Finally! 8-)
    03-10-10 07:34 PM
  12. sf15's Avatar
    These are the settings required for Rogers (UMA) and T-Mobile USA.

    Good call on the single certificate, I will restore and try that too.
    Great info, guys! Reed, in setting up the UMA Profile for Rogers TalkSpot, do you know if this profile also works if one was to subscribe to Fido UNO? Would the ca.rogers.com cert work or is there a Fido-specific cert to access UNO? Thanks!
    03-17-10 06:08 AM
  13. The Chosen's Avatar
    Would any kind soul like to help a guy get UMA working on his former Vodafone branded 8900, now unlocked to Orange UK?

    04-09-10 09:15 AM
  14. purestgreen's Avatar

    First off you need to access the engineering screens. Theres a few articles on the net on how to do this, here's one:


    They all refer to the Thyth-o-matic code generator, which is a bit harder to find, I think links to it keep getting pulled. Let me know if you have trouble finding it. Also, I always have to punch the code in twice to get it to work.

    Once into engineering screens, you need to add a UMA profile for Orange UK. Go to
    Mobile Network Engineering Screens ->
    Utilities ->
    Session Manager

    Then press BB buttona and select UMA options
    Press BB button again and select new
    Enter the following details:

    Display Name: Orange
    Operator Name: Orange
    UMA Protocol version: UMA v. 1.0.3
    Provisioning UNC address: unc.singlephone.orange.co.uk
    Provisioning UNC port: 14001
    Provisioning SEGW address: singlephone.orange.co.uk
    SEGW cert: Equifax Secure Cert (public key type RSA 1024)

    Press BB button again, select save, then come out of engineering screens.
    You might need to reboot to get the uma profile to active, not sure.

    My broadband at home is supplied by Orange, and the BB only sometimes decides to enable UMA when I connect to my router. However, went I went to france recently, I connected to the router in the apartment and it always gave my UMA straight away, which was cool as it meant no roaming fees :-)
    04-09-10 02:07 PM
  15. The Chosen's Avatar
    Cheers mate, I can't get the code to work though. Is it 'cause I'm running 5.0?
    04-10-10 05:42 AM
  16. The Chosen's Avatar
    Update, okay I've managed to get into the Engineering Screens I've entered the information above but I can't find a "Equifax Secure Cert (public key type RSA 1024)" listed in the certificates, only "Equifax Secure Certificate Authority".
    04-10-10 06:10 AM
  17. The Chosen's Avatar
    3rd update. Got it working, thanks for the help, mucho appreciated.
    04-10-10 06:32 AM
  18. trafsta's Avatar
    For those of you subscribed to this thread, OS release for the 9700 (not an official Rogers release, it's a leak) enables UMA fully ("Connection Preference" is now available under "Mobile Network Options"). Transitioning between 3G and UMA works well (no need to force 2G mode anymore). Use google to find this leak if you want UMA fully working on your Rogers BlackBerry Bold 9700
    08-03-10 09:24 AM
  19. juice1179's Avatar
    Is anyone with rogers and can send me the ca.rogers.com cert. Its in options>security options>advanced security options>certificates> then go to ca.rogers.com bb button send via PIN. thanks
    09-24-10 08:29 AM
  20. GeneKam's Avatar
    I am also in need of the ca.rogers.com can someone send it ?
    05-24-11 02:07 PM
  21. eicrackberry's Avatar
    This is for rogers customers. Before doing anything verify that you have the ca.rogers.com cert. You can find it in Options/security/advanced security/certificates. If you don't have it and are not willing to read through the thread, the rogers cert is on page 4 about midway down.Getting the cert file from my computer was a bit of a pain but the rest was simple. I just transferred the cert to the SD card over USB. then went through options/security/advanced security/certificates/bb button/import media card cert. and loaded it from there.

    The instructions for setting up UMA worked great on my unlocked telus 9800. find them here:
    (change xx to tt. stupid forum rule won't let me post links yet)

    The Keygen programs need all the info it asks for including spaces and brackets. Use alt key for numbers and no caps for letters when entering codes. I like this KeyGen:
    (change xx to tt and ** to ww)

    I rebooted and it took a few minutes to kick in but it worked.
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    10-09-11 02:33 AM
  22. jasmeet9sb's Avatar
    These are the settings required for Rogers (UMA) and T-Mobile USA.

    Good call on the single certificate, I will restore and try that too.
    Thanks for the info on Rogers UMA, helped me a lot and I got WiFi calling on Bold 9900 OS 7.1
    01-22-12 03:12 PM
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