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    Thanks for any help in advance...long time user (I still carry 2 Bolds personal and work)...first time poster 7 personal BBs owned since late 90s.

    Never had an issue with Tmobile Wifi... 4 BBs in the house (my daughters get my old ones). Recently went from Comcast/Linksys to FIOS Verizon Router... no problems on all 4 BBs.

    Then.... My daughter broke her 8320 and I replaced with a new 8320 AT&T BB (unlocked)...ala amazon. Simple SIM card and memory swap.... the phone connects to my Tmobile network and makes gprs calls fine. The problem is my home is in a rural area and we have always relied on the home WIFI in parts of the house...

    All WIFI calls on the this phone fail immediately w/ CALLED FAILED. I have good signal strength and the phone definitely connects to the FIOS router. (For grins, I popped in my old Linksys Router (router mode, not gateway) with no security, and while I can connect to that router as well, call WIFI calls fail the same way). Both setups work with the other 3 BBs in the house.

    So I highly suspect it's a problem with the new BB, that while unlocked has some AT&T anti-wifi setting turned on where tmobile is friendly for wifi. I wiped the BB and re-installed the latest OS recommended by tmobile for the 8320 ... no joy, same result.

    I am on the verge of trying this procedure, but want to ask for confirmation or other suggestions before I do it.....

    blackberryrocks.com/2009/01/26/uma-enabled-blackberry-t-mobile/ (Use any UMA enabled BlackBerry on T-Mobile)


    Thanks again and have a bless holiday season.
    12-21-11 01:29 PM
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    AT&T does not have a UMA infrastructure in place. Only three carriers in North America have UMA: T-Mobile USA, Cincinatti Bell, and Rogers Wireless.

    While there are work-arounds (engineering screen) for using a BB that is not branded to one of these three carriers (normal UMA has 3 requirements: BB that is UMA capable, BB that is branded to a carrier that provides UMA, and a UMA plan (for Rogers, T-Mo does not need a plan, don't know about Cinci Bell). Engineering screens allow you to get by the 2nd requirement.

    So (and sorry to be the bringer of bad news), at this time, UMA is not possible with AT&T as your carrier, no matter what phone, engineering hacks, software or OS you have, as AT&T does not provide UMA service.
    12-21-11 04:12 PM
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    Woops, I re-read and re-read again the original post and I now realize I did not answer correctly. So rather than edit, I will recap the issue:

    1) The phone is an AT&T branded phone
    2) The provider is T-Mobile

    Then yes, you can do the engineering screen hack and certificate trick to get UMA working. You will have to re-do some settings every time the BB is rebooted but it should otherwise work.

    What I posted is true BUT I think I read "AT&T" a few too many times and off I launched into my reply (/grin). A T-Mo Curve on T-Mo network would work w/UMA right out of the box (not counting the newer BB's yet), but an AT&T Curve on T-Mo could be made to work on UMA using the workaround.

    Sorry for the misread of the post. Good luck!
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    12-21-11 04:24 PM
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    Klotar, thanks for the education. Here I thought that since BBs were UMA capable hardware- wise, all you would need is a supporting network (and at most an unlock). Did not know about the engineering screen modifications.
    12-21-11 05:32 PM
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    Raino and Klotar...

    Thanks for the replies... Correct. I am on a Tmobile family plan. Only the new phone that does not work is a former AT&T, unlocked, now with my Tmobile SIM migrated to it.

    I was also under the impression that all I would need to do was pop in my SIM card and go as I have on most other Blackberry replacements.

    One of the perplexing issues about the hack and certificates is that the phone CALL FAILS instantaneously on dial... so I thought that the certificate handshake wasn't a part of the problem... not getting that far....

    I will try it tonight...

    Best and Thanks again.
    12-21-11 06:43 PM
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    The challenge is to find the T-Mo UMA certificates, as most links that lead to the certificates on the RIM site are dead. However, I found a site that hosts them and just tested it to confirm the certificates are there:

    T-Mobile UMA Certificates - Port3101.org : Your BES Connection

    From this point, the various walkthroughs available on the net should get you up and running. Yes, it's a pain to re-do after every device reboot but from what I understand, you at least don't lose the certificates. Getting the e-screen unlock number every time (since it changes based on device uptime) is also a pain but you can bookmark it (use Notepad and save the url).

    Here is a general walkthough:


    Disregard the certificate urls in the above walkthrough and use the urls in the second post of the first link I posted instead and then resume following the walkthough's instructions.

    Good luck, let us know how you made out.
    12-22-11 10:22 AM