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    I am currently coming to the end of an 18 month contract with Carphone Warehouse and I'm looking at changing supplier because of their awful insurance policy.

    Not too long after the contract started my 8900 developed a problem with the keyboard - a few of the keys stopped working. I took the handset back to CPW who told me that they couldn't repair BB's inhouse and therefor it had to be sent back to their head office for repair, this would take 3 weeks.

    No problem I thought 0- I've got all my data backed up so all I need to do is reload it onto my replacement handset. Unfortunately all CPW would supply me with was a BASIC Nokia which made phone calls and sent/received text messages. I tried to explain I was self employed and relied on my BB to run my business. All they did was shrug their shoulders and told me that that was there policy. After 2 days of phoning their customer service dept I managed to get them to supply a Sony Ericssonn k300i - Not a huge improvement but this at least had Bluetooth!

    I've been around to the a few suppliers over the last few days to ask about their policies for when my contract expires and I was amazed to find that Vodaphone, O2, and Phones4U all have the same policies. Orange will supply a like for like handset after 24hours but this is only on a business plan.

    So my question is do you know of any companies that have a different plan to the above?
    03-16-10 07:35 AM
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    A failed keyboard should have been covered by manufacturer's warranty - instant exchange in most cases. Maybe I need to review my company relationship with CPW, the contract is due soon.
    03-16-10 09:39 AM
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    I definitely will be!

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    03-16-10 09:45 AM
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    YOu could keep your 8900 as your backup and have a new one from where ever when your contracts up
    03-16-10 10:48 AM
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    Orange insurance is by far the best out of the mobile networks. I've been with Orange since 1996 and have always enjoyed the 24 hour handset replacement on the rare occasion I've had to use it.

    As you've discovered most networks seem to go with the same send away for repair insurance as CPW do which is little help. My girlfriend is with Vodafone and the phone they supplied her as a courtesy phone would make/receive calls and send/receive sms but nothing more than that. Poor show really when you pay insurance for a Blackberry phone but that just seems to be the way they work.
    03-16-10 07:01 PM
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    I invest in the superior Floppy insurance. My down payment was 99 pence and the primary deliverable was a plastic screwdriver.

    My insurance policy has resulted in several 20 minute soldering repairs and one overnight repair from being dropped in a bucket of soapy water. Something funky happened to the microphone but overall it's not a bad deal. I haven't needed a courtesy phone.

    I did lose the phone once while shopping - a terrible mishap! The phone was returned within 30 minutes of informing the Floppy agent, who took the immediate action of informing all local traders of my loss. It turns out that the shops were very happy to oblige and Floppy insurance provided an amazing recovery service. It was a happy day
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    03-16-10 10:45 PM