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    Ignore this thread.
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    Why not the Torch?

    But really your question is so dependent on YOU that it doesn't do much good to tell you what to buy.

    Pearl: Smaller form, but still has all the goodies of the high-end BlackBerry phones.
    Bold: Best of Blackberry. This is the true Blackberry phone, and is arguably the best out there.
    Curve: Different style keyboard than a Bold. It also has a lower resolution camera with no flash on it. The screen is also a lower resolution and not as bright as others. This is a still a great phone for the cheap prices you can get one for.
    Torch: Offers best of a real keyboard and a touchscreen.

    Really, you should go to a store and play with them all for a while. That way you can choose the best phone for YOU, and not what we think you should have.

    As for a carrier/provider, that is also what works best for you. Maybe talk with friends or people in your area to find out which carrier offers the best coverage where you'll be using it. You can have the best phone out there, but if it can't get a good signal it will be a POS.

    I'm a big fan of the Bold, but like the idea of the Pearl because its smaller form factor, that's just my opinion though...
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    ignore this thread.
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    I think it would help us more with you telling us what you'll primarily be using the phone for. Texting? Emailing? Internet? Social networking? Whatever it might be...
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