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    Because of misinformation given by my local Verison store that came very close to prohibiting me from getting my BB Curve, I'm not at all sure they can answer questions correctly. So I come here to ask of those who actually know how the BB and Data plan work.

    1) I have the Data plan, which means to me that I get unlimited Internet access on my BB for an extra charge each month. I also download ebooks. My question is this...my mother would love to have a phone that she could read books on, but does she have to purchase a Data plan to do that?

    2) (Three questions in one) I've done a search on how to Close applications that are running in the background but they didn't quite work for me.

    (a) How do I find out which applications are 'always' running? (When I click 'Menu' twice, I see 7 Icons, but can't manipulate any...Menu again doesn't do anything)
    (b) How do I close Apps that I can close if I forgot to do so?
    (c) When I'm done with an application (even the Internet) does "Close" on the Menu actually close them?

    Thanks for your help.

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    1. Data is not required to read the books, but it is required to download them directly to the device. The only workaround of this is to download them to a computer and transfer them via USB.

    2a. On Verizon, you will always have 5 applications running in the background. They are: Home Screen, Messages, Phone, Browser, BB Messenger.

    2b. Press and hold left alt, then press the back key (button to the right of the trackball) to bring up the application switcher. Keep holding the left alt key and use the trackball to scroll through the list of applications that are running. If any of the running applications are not one of the 5 I listed, highlight it and let go of the left alt key to go into that application. Once inside, press menu > close/exit to completely end the application.

    2c. Close will always completely end an application and should be the method you use to end all applications when you are done with them. The 5 applications listed above will always remain "somewhat" open in the background, but will be in a sleep-like low memory mode. Even if you are using one of the 5 applications that always run in the background, you should still exit them by choosing close from the menu.

    There are SOME 3rd party applications that also will always run in the background in low power mode as well. The only ones I know about are MobiPocket Reader, Empower Email Viewer, and BBSmart Email Viewer. If you have any of those three applications installed, it is normal for them to show up in the application switcher in addition to the standard 5 listed above.

    To find out if you have any 3rd party apps that will always run in the background, pull your battery out for 30 seconds and put it back in. As soon as the device boots up, open the application switcher to see what is there, and make a note of it, because those are the applications that will always run in the background.
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    Way to answer a couple questions.

    MobiPocket reader is always there, no options to close it. It does not consume any computer cycles and only occupies 500 Kb of memory.

    If reading is going to be a high priority, you may want to postpone your decision until you see the Bold. Bigger is always better when it comes to screen size.
    06-03-08 11:27 AM
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    CrazEtooN, thanks for a very clear answer to both questions. I'm glad there's a workaround for downloading ebooks w/o buying the Data plan.

    If your answer to the "How to Close Applications" question isn't a Sticky, it should be. You give clear step-by-steps for both seeing all Applications that are running, which ones can and can't be closed, and how to close the ones that can be. You are a very good teacher. Thank you!

    06-03-08 11:31 AM
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    You can also set application switcher as a shortcut key. I changed the right key from camea t okeylock and the left key is now application switcher.
    06-03-08 02:06 PM
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    Okay, I thought of something else....is there a shortcut key to close Apps? Having to click Menu and scrolling all the way to the bottom to click 'Close' between apps is getting old.

    06-03-08 03:50 PM
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    Nope there isn't a shortcut, per se, but if you simply hit 7 while in the menu, it will take you to the bottom so you don't have to scroll down to close.
    06-03-08 03:54 PM
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    Just to clarify - On a Curve, it's the "C" key... And you may have to hit it a couple times in certain apps.
    06-03-08 03:56 PM
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    To clarify even further, every menu choice can be gotten to by pressing its first letter. If there is more than one choice that starts with the same letter, just keep pressing it until you come to the one you want.

    Thank you for the compliment as well. I do my best to help when I can .
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    Do you mean click "c" if you're in the menu? Is there no shortcut from the App itself? I'm wishful thinking....

    06-03-08 04:28 PM
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    Correct - Menu, "C".

    The short cut is the red End key, but it does not properly close the app.
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    aw, shucks

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    1) I have the Data plan, which means to me that I get unlimited Internet access on my BB for an extra charge each month. I also download ebooks. My question is this...my mother would love to have a phone that she could read books on, but does she have to purchase a Data plan to do that?

    Just a reminder that to have a blackberry with Verizon you would have to have the data plan anyway. But as was already said, it's possible on a different phone to just load the ebooks by USB.
    06-04-08 05:32 PM