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    I currently use a 3rd party company to do BES for my BB which has my outlook sync from my laptop to my BB and such. I also have internet access to outlook. (which has saved me when I lost my phone or battery died!)
    I use all this for work and personal, I run a constuction company.

    Well we are finally putting a server for all our computers in my office which will use outlook for everyone: ie calendar, mail, and such. I want to access all this, of course, on my BB but don't want my personal outlook to cross over.

    Can this be done??? I have never even heard of BIS till I started reading the forums here( about a month ago!! This is a GREAT site for info) So I am not sure if this will help or not.
    Any help would be greatly apprciated!!!!

    03-14-08 11:14 PM