1. happygirl7973's Avatar
    Hi, all.

    I have a Curve 8310 which has been gracefully retired due to a crap trackball. There are, however, some emails on it that I'd like to still have, and some messages as well.

    I currently have a 9700.

    To further complicate things, I'm getting a warranty replacement today and what I really need is for the emails, texts, etc., from BOTH phones to be transferred to the new phone.

    Is this possible? Must I use desktop manager, which I don't really like nor do I have any proficiency with? Right now my "backup" method is google sync, which only does contacts and calendar stuff, not messages and emails.

    Thoughts, suggestions?

    Thanks in advance for any possible suggestions!
    07-05-10 03:07 PM
  2. Motorcycle Mama's Avatar
    You will need to use a third party software such as ABC Amber IPD Merger to merge the IPD files created from backups with BlackBerry Desktop Manager from each of the units.

    Then you will need to use the Advanced section of the Backup/Restore function of BlackBerry Desktop Manager to restore the data to the new unit.

    Free download ABC Amber IPD Merger, combine multiple IPD files into a single file
    07-05-10 03:39 PM