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    I deleted some programs from my S2 last night and restarted my phone. Upon reboot I noticed my Twitter icon was missing. I thought maybe I had just moved it, so I searched all my folders and can't find it.

    I then checked App World to make sure it is still installed and it is. When I try to reinstall I don't get that option because my phone tells me its already installed.

    I've done 2 QuickPull restarts and I have the same issues. Any advice?

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    02-19-11 07:06 AM
  2. 757EliasHZ's Avatar
    I get that problem a lot. It will show up in the Applications list, and in BB App World as "installed", but there's no way to access it. It's not hidden, and not in any of the folders that I have. Changing the theme to the default doesn't work either. I've found no solution, other than to go to the mobile.twitter.com website with my blackberry browser, then re-download and reinstall it. But then the problem reappears (or I should say, disappears), again after a few days. (I'm using a BB 9670 Style on Sprint.)
    02-19-11 07:52 AM
  3. Fret Madden's Avatar
    I'd just delete crapworld. You can install Twitter without it.

    Twitter for BlackBerry Smartphones

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    02-19-11 11:14 AM