View Poll Results: Do you use your BlackBerry in the Bedroom?

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  • Never

    48 5.15%
  • Rarely

    78 8.37%
  • Sometimes

    221 23.71%
  • Often

    184 19.74%
  • Every day

    401 43.03%
01-05-08 09:12 AM
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  1. Rockcrete88's Avatar
    not yet but who knows haha
    12-12-07 05:21 PM
  2. ledzep59's Avatar
    rarely, I use the bedroom for other things
    12-12-07 05:45 PM
  3. theGleep's Avatar
    I used to use my Palm Tungsten T5 to read by (I do miss the big screen)

    But with MobiPocket, I can read anything I could on my Palm - and now I've one less device to carry around.

    If anyone knows of a utility to transfer all my notes from my T5 to my Pearl, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE e-mail me?
    12-12-07 06:03 PM
  4. bassthumpa's Avatar
    Wifey has complained about me using the phone frequently at home for texting and stuff, even before I got my BB, so I've cut back my after hours use.
    12-12-07 06:23 PM
  5. webdave's Avatar
    Not yet but it may happen eventually.
    12-12-07 06:25 PM
  6. keitaroguy's Avatar
    Not really she loves the fact that its around so if need be we can use it to find something.
    12-12-07 07:24 PM
  7. dlgus's Avatar
    Well, the Sibe gets a little miffed at me--does that count?
    12-12-07 07:27 PM
  8. urbanbowhunter's Avatar
    my office and tv are in bed room. When i am home i am in my bed room so i use it all the time
    12-12-07 07:41 PM
  9. bippy's Avatar
    No! Life is too short to argue about BB usage.
    12-12-07 07:49 PM
  10. Avenger13's Avatar
    only as my alarm...
    12-12-07 08:02 PM
  11. gregwilliams's Avatar
    Apparently some of my SMS were of a questionable nature and to questionable targets...the only time I ever cursed a Blackberry for having too much memory.
    12-12-07 09:17 PM
  12. clb239's Avatar
    don't have a bberry yet or a SO to upset
    12-12-07 09:51 PM
  13. doktrgroove's Avatar
    Not yet. It's my alarm clock.
    12-12-07 10:00 PM
  14. Shepherd#CB's Avatar
    I use my blackberry as my alarm clock every day. Doesn't always wake me up, but that's due in no part to the Berry, but rather my own tired self.
    12-12-07 10:06 PM
  15. Hollister's Avatar
    My mom tells me to put the damn BlackBerry down when I'm out with the parents...
    12-12-07 10:44 PM
  16. Maedra's Avatar
    Nope, but then we're lucky and rarely fight about anything...and we both have new Curves, so we grin and compare notes on what we have learned from these forums.
    12-12-07 10:45 PM
  17. renegade37918's Avatar
    no room or place is off limits
    12-13-07 03:51 AM
  18. Christo1888's Avatar
    Every day. . .being currently single I can use it as much as I want without incurring any wrath!!
    12-13-07 03:55 AM
  19. jchenelat's Avatar
    Yes my wife complain that when I hear my blackberry ringing I go get it straight away like a baby who is crying.
    12-13-07 07:02 AM
  20. dupa87's Avatar
    A small disagreement occured when the g/f was talking and I started checking football scores. That turned into one of the "you never listen to what's important to me" fights. Making up sure was fun though
    12-13-07 10:33 AM
  21. thechrist's Avatar
    my wife just dont want to so i cant but somting i woke up to see if all is ok
    12-13-07 10:49 AM
  22. cwhitworth's Avatar
    all the time , I have even answered an email during special time with my wife! oh and this is my first post !!! great forum and wonderful to see others with the Crack !
    12-13-07 11:29 AM
  23. haydencoach's Avatar
    Sometimes, you're watching a game in bed and you see your friend's team getting destroyed by another team. You gotta rub it in!!! A handy blackberry to send a thoughtful "your team sucks" message is crucial. Who cares what your gf says??!!!
    12-13-07 11:41 AM
  24. johnny-d's Avatar
    Before my wife got a blackberry she used to hate the fact that I would get an email alert when she used our bank debit card. Now she times it to see how fast her phone will get an alert

    Posted from my CrackBerry at
    12-13-07 01:35 PM
  25. GeorgeGlass's Avatar
    Mine prevents as many fights as it causes, so I guess we break even.
    12-13-07 02:22 PM
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