View Poll Results: Do you use your BlackBerry in the Bedroom?

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  • Never

    48 5.15%
  • Rarely

    78 8.37%
  • Sometimes

    221 23.71%
  • Often

    184 19.74%
  • Every day

    401 43.03%
01-05-08 09:12 AM
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  1. hooliganrugger's Avatar
    No, no fights over the BB, but some "discussions" on when I should be using it. I am pretty good most times about keeping it out of sight when it should be, but then get my "fix" after that.
    12-25-07 09:59 PM
  2. xondra's Avatar
    No fights over the BB yet, but many fights over My Q use in the past. Even threats to throw my Q in the trash while he was using his BB. Now that I've made the switch we will see if the fights start all over again. From what I've read and heard these things can be addictive. So far I can't put it down except to bathe. Any idea where I can get a waterproof cover for my BB?
    12-25-07 10:13 PM
  3. nebula's Avatar
    yes, but then I bought her a bb Pearl and all is forgiven.
    12-25-07 10:30 PM
  4. KG1's Avatar
    Oh yea, in the bed... U dont???

    Posted from my CrackBerry at
    12-25-07 11:31 PM
  5. Baroness110902's Avatar
    Not really a fight...more like an ultimatum. When I called my husband and told him that I picked up a BB Pearl--the other end of the phone was dead silence. His only reply was---I'd prefer to never Hear it, or See it.

    I try to be good about keeping it low on his radar. But, it was great last week when we were making a GIANT purchase at Costco and I was able to easily login to our bank's website to transfer cash from one account to another (so we could buy the item). He was somewhat appreciative of it's usefulness.

    plus--he got the TV without having to wait.
    12-25-07 11:39 PM
  6. scmurphy13's Avatar
    haha. i always use it for a bit before i go to bed, much to the dismay of my wife. i also will grab it for a few minutes if i wake up in the middle of the night.
    12-25-07 11:59 PM
  7. pdog305's Avatar
    the wife knows better than to mess with a man's hobby. she won't dare because then i'll take over the tv and she can't watch lifetime.
    12-26-07 01:02 AM
  8. louge's Avatar
    No fights yet, until she starts stealing my BB for her own.
    12-26-07 01:23 AM
  9. greg24's Avatar
    Well my girlfriend thinks if i could date or have sex with my bb i would. so yes fights occur all the time, mostly because i pay her no attention and my bb gets all attention
    12-26-07 01:33 AM
  10. kevrodriguez's Avatar
    well for some reason I thought the internet porn would have gone over better
    but in the end size does matter
    12-26-07 01:41 AM
  11. Paul's Avatar
    What are the two metal exposed openings on the left side (just under the "Profiles" button) that look like a separate caplet used for? A car kit?
    12-26-07 07:52 AM
  12. Mini2Go's Avatar
    He!! yes. I haven't even had the thing for a week yet and I've already had at least 3 or 4 different ear-beatings/tongue-lashings about "always playing with that d@mn thing."
    12-26-07 08:02 AM
  13. btownsoccerstud's Avatar
    i always use mine in the bedroom but no fights so far.
    12-26-07 08:41 AM
  14. mmitchell_houston's Avatar
    Well, I wouldn't call it a fight... but yeah, my wife has gotten annoyed and told me to put it away. And the in-laws kept calling me a "Crackberry wh***" when they visited this weekend for Christmas...
    12-26-07 09:51 AM
  15. MaryAdams's Avatar
    not a fight - but he hates when I check it or reply to messages when out to dine.
    12-26-07 09:56 AM
  16. sadijac's Avatar
    Oh yes! I get asked who's texting me all the time.
    12-26-07 10:52 AM
  17. VicAjax's Avatar
    i've only had my Pearl for 6 weeks, and my wife has already threatened to throw it out our 6th floor window!
    12-26-07 12:27 PM
  18. MDossous82's Avatar
    Yea, I have a fight almost every morning because my BB rings to wake me at 5:50am during the week and my wife isn't a morning person even though we both need to be up at the same time. I'm glad I charge my phone on my side of the bed or i wouldn't have it anymore to be on this site :-(
    12-26-07 01:39 PM
  19. Hexnut's Avatar
    Just got my 8830. Bedroom is for sleeping and fun, not BB'ing...
    12-26-07 01:52 PM
  20. grnvlegirl's Avatar
    Yeah I have gotten in trouble whether playing games or chatting or checking e-mail. I do it all the time. Not good for the relationship or the bedroom
    12-26-07 02:36 PM
  21. rmartin18966's Avatar
    too tired by the time i hit the sack
    12-26-07 03:31 PM
  22. crackty's Avatar
    In short - YES. My wife is a type A personality and so am I. To say that I am addicted to my Crackberry would be an understatement. Although she doesn't "get" my obsession with my crackberry, she does however enable my addictions to a point. Note I said to a point.

    One night I wrapped up a phone call to China, was emailing Mexico, texting my wife (who was upstairs) and decided it was time to go to bed. My wife asked that I leave the phone downstairs and just get some rest. I told her no one would ever call in the middles of the night. At 2 AM asleep a customer from Malaysia called and woke everyone in the house up . That morning I awoke to a message of "turn off or sleep on the couch tonight". We worked out a compromise and I now have a night mode, so as I help out with the kids at night I can respond to emails. But the ringer is off and I don't take calls at night. (Oddly enough I sleep much better.)

    Funny - Now that I typed up this story even I am mad at myself for being a crackberry addict, but of course I can't stop it.
    12-26-07 03:45 PM
  23. benz6y's Avatar
    Yes, she tells me that I spend more time with my Blackberry than her......Damn she's right
    12-26-07 03:53 PM
  24. haspatel's Avatar
    Nope - don't use it too much n front of the spouse - have not needed to - in fact Spouse like the Pearl and is contemplating getting one
    12-26-07 05:02 PM
  25. rscope's Avatar
    No fights yet.
    12-26-07 05:41 PM
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