View Poll Results: Do you use your BlackBerry in the Bedroom?

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  • Never

    48 5.15%
  • Rarely

    78 8.37%
  • Sometimes

    221 23.71%
  • Often

    184 19.74%
  • Every day

    401 43.03%
01-05-08 09:12 AM
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  1. speedpro84's Avatar
    Not yet... I'm sure I'll get texted when she has a problem with it.
    12-19-07 02:37 PM
  2. Charlesb's Avatar
    Yes I have but I got rid of her not the BB
    12-19-07 02:39 PM
  3. zerog46's Avatar
    Almost on a daily basis until I got her the new pearl about a week ago.
    12-19-07 02:41 PM
  4. Steve017's Avatar
    Minor. She thinks my quest for electronic, organizational nirvana is a fool's game.
    12-19-07 02:43 PM
  5. acardin's Avatar
    My wife refuses to fight about my BB use. She simply grabs it and attempts to flush it down the toilet. So far, I have been able to out run her.
    12-19-07 02:47 PM
  6. fjrohlf's Avatar
    we both do!
    12-19-07 02:49 PM
  7. Ellipse's Avatar
    Yes, she sometimes gets upset when I am reading my newsfeeds while she is getting ready for bed.
    12-19-07 03:08 PM
  8. R8Rberry's Avatar
    My girlfriend has constant Blackberry envy because she choose not to get one and opted for a Razr.
    12-19-07 03:28 PM
  9. slimer's Avatar
    My fiance tells me to use it more.
    12-19-07 03:31 PM
  10. evjordan's Avatar
    I did find myself sneaking a few emails at a funeral the other day, but not enough or obivous enough to ruffle any feathers.
    12-19-07 03:37 PM
  11. vanityhairmd's Avatar
    no, no i havent
    12-19-07 03:38 PM
  12. mprice's Avatar
    My wife hates my BB. She thinks I have a problem - go figure! Now I try to only check it when she leaves the room. I had to promise to turn it off at night (so now I leave it in silent mode so it's faster to check it when she leaves the room) and I'm not allowed to use it in company. Of course, until she needs me to look something up when we're in the car or traveling. Then she doesn't hate it.
    12-19-07 03:42 PM
  13. jdiegs's Avatar
    no fights, my wife is very understanding...
    12-19-07 03:42 PM
  14. sxo163's Avatar
    I get harrassed constantly by others that it's a crackberry addiction, their jealous if you ask me. I know I go on celeb gossip websites but who cares, the blackberry gets me my gossip fast and i love it.
    12-19-07 03:57 PM
  15. Galvatron's Avatar
    read the news and a slew of emails before going to bed
    12-19-07 03:58 PM
  16. eazyeray's Avatar
    i use it for an alarm clock, so no fights
    12-19-07 04:01 PM
  17. jcparry's Avatar
    No fights, I guess she didn't want to fight a battle she couldn't win :-)
    12-19-07 04:18 PM
  18. danielnk's Avatar
    Never...not yet at least!
    12-19-07 04:20 PM
  19. scboatman's Avatar
    My wife calls it my Mistress, so I bought her one for Christmas. Now we can double date!
    12-19-07 04:27 PM
  20. williamsdanny's Avatar
    fight, no.
    stern warning, yes.
    12-19-07 04:32 PM
  21. Djmerel's Avatar
    I am guilty of checking mail and reading viigo articles while watching tv
    12-19-07 04:36 PM
  22. m's Avatar
    yeah. i bought her one. problem solved
    12-19-07 04:40 PM
  23. carlosbcs23's Avatar
    not yet, but my girlfriend is very jelous sometimes in the way i care my blackberry... jeje
    12-19-07 04:49 PM
  24. oskaru's Avatar
    I'm currently dating, and for the moment that subject has not been talked about , I mostly use my bb when I'm home alone, if I'm with someone I tend to place it on vibrate.
    12-19-07 04:54 PM
  25. jdr31173's Avatar
    Only fight with SO when the alarm goes off and I don't hear it in the morning, and it wakes her up
    12-19-07 04:55 PM
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