View Poll Results: Do you use your BlackBerry in the Bedroom?

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  • Never

    48 5.15%
  • Rarely

    78 8.37%
  • Sometimes

    221 23.71%
  • Often

    184 19.74%
  • Every day

    401 43.03%
01-05-08 09:12 AM
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  1. VegHead's Avatar
    No - he is as much of a users as I am.
    12-19-07 11:53 AM
  2. JMD's Avatar
    never I'm single
    12-19-07 11:59 AM
  3. JagoMidnight's Avatar
    Not my BB use, my partner is usually the rude one, BBing when we're out at dinner. I'm the good one.
    12-19-07 12:00 PM
  4. Monkeypaw's Avatar
    Nope. Don't have a girlfriend right now and just got the BB 2 months ago. But maybe that's why I don't have a girlfriend right now.

    Probably will have a fight at some point about it once I get a new girlfriend because I love the phone so much.
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    12-19-07 12:03 PM
  5. Rican240sx's Avatar
    the only fighting we do is that she wished her pearl had some of the features of the curve

    and i wish the curve had some of the templates made for the pearl.. haha
    12-19-07 12:06 PM
  6. mommamia2_2002's Avatar
    No my husband and i have not had a fight over my BB, but he does keep bugging me about getting one for him.
    12-19-07 12:09 PM
  7. t.j.moore's Avatar
    One last check for the day.
    12-19-07 12:10 PM
  8. the_elf's Avatar
    No fights with spouse over the BlackBerry. If anything, it's made her happier as it makes me more "reachable" when I'm at work or out with the guys.
    12-19-07 12:10 PM
  9. rkdiddy's Avatar
    I haven't had any fights.

    While my BB is sexy, my wife is much sexier!
    12-19-07 12:12 PM
  10. dhmetheny's Avatar
    All the time. I can just be setting the alarm and she gets hateful.
    12-19-07 12:15 PM
  11. mikejnger's Avatar
    Yes everytime I am with my girlfriend she brings it up. Good thing she lives an hour away or i may have to quit the addiction.
    12-19-07 12:17 PM
  12. captainruss's Avatar
    My wife and I both can be found occasionally using our crackberrys in bed. A pretty pathetic sight I must say.
    12-19-07 12:18 PM
  13. Potsy's Avatar
    I use my BB as much as i play my PS3, oh and we sleep in the living room. So far, dirty looks and neglect from the fiance here and there. No fighting yet, thank goodness
    12-19-07 12:20 PM
  14. needforspd's Avatar
    Got my BB cuz I'm getting divorced so nope, no fights lol.

    Posted from my CrackBerry at
    12-19-07 12:26 PM
  15. syke's Avatar
    No fights, cuz I dnt live with my gf... At least not yet >:-)

    Posted from my CrackBerry at
    12-19-07 12:28 PM
  16. l1fe's Avatar
    she gets annoyed, but she falls asleep faster than I do. I need to play some sudoku before I can drift off to sleep...
    12-19-07 12:33 PM
  17. kevin28282's Avatar
    ha...broke up with the gf right after i got my blackberry...but im sure a fight would have ensued =P
    12-19-07 12:46 PM
  18. jtalbot's Avatar
    Not yet but I can see the storm clouds gathering on the horizon and it looks to be a doozy
    12-19-07 12:46 PM
  19. malligood50's Avatar
    No fight, but some very nasty looks
    12-19-07 12:47 PM
  20. musicjunky's Avatar
    Sometimes my gf gets upset when I use it during our time together, but I usually quit on first warning so we haven't gotten in a fight over it.
    12-19-07 12:48 PM
  21. cronkster54's Avatar
    Nope, I think she likes me using keeps me out of her hair.
    12-19-07 12:49 PM
  22. dslocumb's Avatar
    Great tool for passing the time.
    12-19-07 12:55 PM
  23. dtd's Avatar
    Things are brewing in this area. I check email on my berry every morning before I get out of bed. My lovely wife has started to make comments. And, just the other night, while she was reading her book, she had to let me know, "your track wheel is disturbing my reading."
    12-19-07 01:13 PM
  24. brianbloom's Avatar
    My wife usually plays with her Palm PDA while waiting for me to join her in bed, so I'm certainly going to be given slack for playing with my blackberry. So no, never had a fight. The only thing she's ever said is concern about me staying up too late when I was addicted to the Texas Hold 'em King poker game.

    I'm aware enough of body language to *know* when it's time to put the toy away and devote some attention to her.
    12-19-07 01:19 PM
  25. Comet's Avatar
    yes sir, she wants to know who I'm chatting with, but I just tell her it's business... and it is, it's MY business. No, really she's cool with it.
    12-19-07 01:24 PM
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