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    Alright, I took the time to write a detailed tutorial on how to use the calendar as an alarm manager. Instead of making just one alarm with the alarm application you can use the calendar to create as many alarms as there are minutes in a day.
    Also use it to make alarms for only certain days that will repeat. for example.
    Alarm at 8 a.m. on Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday repeating for 4 weeks and then stopping.
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    Blogged all about it. Also included the link to my Loudest alarm ever, which has been downloaded almost 200 times now.
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    Thanks very much for that post, it was very helpful to me.
    04-18-09 01:22 AM
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    i cant load the full article on your blog???

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    04-18-09 02:11 AM
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    weird why not? I just clicked the link and it worked fine. Try refreshing?
    04-18-09 02:35 AM
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    not sure. clicking the link just loops me back to the home page. probably just IE giving me a hard time
    04-18-09 02:46 AM
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    1. Go to the BlackBerry Alarm and set your alarm with your desired tune for it. If you want the loudest alarm out there download this one which I have made —> RapidShare: Easy Filehosting
    It has been downloaded almost 200 times! With very happy and awake customers all around . Now, to add more alarms with this alarm tune or whatever other one you set do the following.
    2. Open up your calendar.
    3. Press the menu key.
    4. Scroll up to the “New Alarm” option.
    5. Customize your settings for each individual alarm. To list more options click “None” by Recurrence. It will allow you to set the alarm “Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly.”
    So if you want to set an alarm for your wife’s birthday Simply set the day, time, recurrence Yearly and you’re set.
    If you want the same alarm to sound every Friday at 12 p.m. do Recurrence > Weekly > Highlight Friday.
    If you want it to occur every day for a week set your start date and time Recurrence Daily > Every 1 > End: Date > Enter your end date.
    There are limitless options for what you can do with the application already installed on your phone. You can add as many alarms as there are minutes in a day. You’ll never have to spend another penny on an alarm application.
    Use the application to set an alarm daily at 8 a.m. for Monday through Friday. Set your time> recurrence: weekly > Every 1> Days: Check m, t, w, t, f > End: Date (Select how long you want this alarm to last for).
    04-18-09 02:50 AM
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    Did that help you any Hamo?
    04-18-09 11:32 AM
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    Apparently this only work on the newer BB device models. Don't see a 'New Alarm' option anywhere within the Calendar app on my 8130. Thanks for the info, however. It'll come in useful when I get my Niagara later this year...hopefully.
    04-18-09 11:51 AM
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    Ah alright, thanks for that information BBslim.
    It was tested on my Bold.
    04-18-09 12:21 PM
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    Bumpin this one up.
    Maybe a mod can move to the tutorial board?
    04-19-09 12:33 AM
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    This is an amazing help and just saved me, a total alarm-aholic, on spending $10 on Alarms Pro. Thanks so much!
    04-19-09 01:53 AM
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    You're very welcome! I'm glad I saved you the trouble!
    04-19-09 06:13 AM