1. draiko's Avatar
    I just received my usb bluetooth adapter and am trying to get my 9550 to connect but I'm running an issue where I can't even get my laptop to pair with my BlackBerry.

    Here is what I'm doing. I am running windows 7 ultimate, x64 edition. After plugging in the BT usb adapter, windows installed default drivers and I did not install any additional drivers outside of this. I checked the Device Manager and I do not have any conflicting or missing driver so it looks like the bluetooth adapter is installed and working properly. On my BB, I enabled bluetooth and went into the options and changed Discoverable to Yes. I then clicked on the bluetooth icon in my task-bar and clicked 'add device' at which point it shows that it's searching for a device and is never able to located the BlackBerry.

    I searched around the forums and I see a lot of threads where people are having issues with syncing but it looks like they were at least able to pair the BB and computer successfully. Any insight someone might be able to add would be greatly appreciated!
    02-20-10 11:18 PM