02-02-12 01:42 AM
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    You must not have collaborated on a presentation while traveling.
    No I haven't. But I have had back grounds of 100 or more head of cattle sent to me. I've had spec sheets of tractors and other equipment, bailers and such sent to me. I've had a fleet of barge and railcar orders emailed to me. 10-12mbs of data isalot of data.
    I would not want to look over a presentation on a device w/ a -3.7", 480x 800 display. I mean really. You think looking at a full version website is akward. No wonder yall have so much stress. Planes, trains, cabs, rental cars, dirty hotel rooms, and trunked emails sitting on top.
    Dropbox is a good way also. I use it your files I share and themes/apps I build for ota download. I know email is still a big player but there is so much more these days. I just hope us little guys don't get forgotten when you big boys gets yall's way. We've stuck with Rim thru the days of hopely they won't tbrow us to the side. Cause what a blackberry is, is the reason we've stayed.
    02-01-12 09:24 AM
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    i have recived emails on my iphone that was 18mb and im with AT&T so im not sure what your talki about.
    Collectively yes. But you can't download a single file larger than 10mb on att.
    02-01-12 10:59 AM
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    I actually left BB for an iphone because of the truncated emails and my subfolders didn't appear on my bb like they do on a computer! BB10 looks to fix all of this!
    02-01-12 07:02 PM
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    It looks like atts cap has been raised to 20mbs. I don't know what's going on with the iphone and the.android right yet. I just downloaded a file to my blackberry that's 19 gb. I'm going to have to check this little bit.out.p
    02-02-12 01:42 AM
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