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    here is what I observe

    at AT&T, if you go to the service book, there is the WIFI service book exist, therefore you can log into BIS with WIFI

    When I brought my phone overseas, I resend the phone a new service book based on the overseas operator and to my surprise, there is no WIFI service book after resending, and I observe, I can't log into the BIS with wifi.

    Is my statement correct? If it's not, then why I can't log into BIS with wifi when I am overseas with the same phone? And oh, both occasions, I use home wifi


    PS: Maybe one of the two, it looks like I can't ask to resend service books, but I can ask to register the HOST ROUTING TABLE. And I just checked at on AT&T, there is a WIFI, while when I was overseas, there is no WIFI host routing table.
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