1. yohimbe35's Avatar
    Has anyone encountered any trouble with sprint navigation. I'm in the $30 dollar plan that is suppose to have navigation included. I've been on the phone for well over 2 hours and talked to about 6 different people and they can't seem to get my navigation to work. It says I have to pay with credit card when it's part of the $30 data plan. It's amazing that no one at sprint can figure it out. It's getting real frustrating. Any idea's would help.
    02-15-08 05:36 PM
  2. fyrfyter's Avatar
    Sprint has their own company forums at buzzaboutwireless.com that a boatload of their techs read and post it. Perhaps you could pose your question there. They started this in order to win back some of their customers. I'm not totally sure that plan is working, but at least if you do that, you have a chance at tech support considering their phone support blows.
    02-16-08 05:29 AM
  3. yohimbe35's Avatar
    It makes no sense, I woke up today and decided to try navigation one more time before I called customer service and guess what? It works now.
    I love the program. I'm very happy it's working.
    02-16-08 02:38 PM