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    Good Morning/Afternoon everyone,

    I looked on the forums and didn't notice this as of recently so here I go: Since Either Friday or saturday I have not been able to Recieve or Send e-mails from an account that is setup via Exchange owa. (outlook web access) Ive tried changing my password, tried Deleteing the account and then re-adding it, tried everything i can think of an no luck. also, strange I cant even re-add the account anymore (it doesnt give me advanced options like it used too) is anyone else having issues like this since the outage this weekend? I have contemplated getting a droid recently and this has been holding me back as I love my Blackberry and it works just fine, but if I can't get this to work its gonna push me to the point of switching. (I can use activesync)
    01-31-11 12:15 PM
  2. PANTHERGM's Avatar
    Ok, heres an update; I got the account to set back up on my Blackberry Properly, however I still can not send or recieve e-mails at all from the device.
    01-31-11 02:20 PM